Unlock bootloader of any Android without using PC


Hey viewers this is kamal and today I came with full tutorial to unlock bootloader of any Android without using PC

>>Normally adb and fastboot runs only on PC but Google has developed a binary code that can run fastboot and adb on Android
What is ADB & Fastboot:-
  • If you want to root your Android device, install a custom ROM or many other advanced-level techniques then you need to learn how to install ADB and Fastboot
  • ADB (Android Debug Bridge) consists of a client and server part each communicating with the other. In laymen’s terms, it’s a communication tool between your smartphone and PC. It is accessed via the command prompt on Windows and is used to send commands to  Android from a PC. In other words, ADB is very helpful to the Android community for rooting, flashing new ROMs or simply troubleshooting smartphones.
  • Fastboot is basically a diagnostic tool used to modify the Android file system from a computer when the smartphone is in bootloader mode. The commands are basic, and include, for example, to ‘flash’ (install) a boot image or a bootloader.

How to install ADB and FASTBOOT for Android

* Download ADB and FASTBOOT here for Android below 
* now insert the downloaded adb and fastboot in /system/bin folder with the help of root browser
What you need:-
* Terminal eliminator apk {Download apk}
* ADB {Download}
* FASTBOOT{Download}
* otg support and otg cable
* open Terminal eliminator app which acts as command prompt in Android
* after opening type these codes
mount -o remount,rw/system
chmod 755 /system/bin/fastboot
* reboot your device
* connect the Android device to rooted Android device through otg cable
* type “adb reboot bootloader” in Terminal eliminator to boot the connected device to FASTBOOT mode
* now type ” fastboot devices” to show list of connected devices
* now type ” fastboot oem unlock ” the connected device bootloader will be unlocked
Note:- unlocking bootloader will void your Device warranty so do at your own risk 

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