Top best free email or webmail hosting services for your own domain


Hai friends this is kamal and today im going to share some of the best free email or webmail hosting services or provider for your own domain name.

Top best free email hosting services for your own domain

what is an email host:

An email hosting service is an Internet hosting service that operates email servers. Email hosting services usually offer premium email at a cost as opposed to advertisement-supported free email or free webmail. Email hosting services thus differ from typical end-user email providers such as webmail sites.

There are lots of e-mail vendors like gmail, yahoo, outlook,rediff mail offers first-rate carrier with top space. however this is not appropriate for promoting in case you are going for walks a business like an e-trade website, weblog and so this article, i am sharing you top loose email hosting providers where you can create your own email for your domain like [email protected] etc…

here some of the best free email providers are 

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Top best free email hosting services for your own domain

Yandex is one of the best free email hosting service for business  Russian maximum famous portal additionally gives free email on custom domain . it’s server is pretty dependable in phrases of uptime and capabilities of the dashboard. currently they gives one thousand free electronic mail money owed in your domain. the signup process is easy however available only in russian. but, chrome’s translations will be exact alternative at the same time as this process.


  • Free 1000 email accounts
  • Reliable server
  • 10 GB free cloud storage for all your accounts.

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2. Zoho mail

Top best free email hosting services for your own domain

Zoho is thought for its crm service and on line document and bureaucracy. zoho is well-recognized in company quarter. it gives 5 free custom area electronic mail website hosting and no credit card needed to sign up. i just like the interface but not that plenty as gmail and outlook.

The best issue about zoho mail isn’t any advert everywhere. yes, there might be no advertisements anywhere in or outdoor electronic mail and dashboard. perfect solution although. i’ve not examined the anti-spam functionality


  • No ads
  • App like dashboard
  • 20 Free accounts

3. Pawnmail

Top best free email hosting services for your own domain

Pawnmail is also a best free email hosting service which offers you with 2GB space and can create emails upto  5 emails per domain. however pawnmail is free you can not create emails for sub domains.


  • Free 2 GB email storage
  • Free 5 user accounts

4. Google Apps

Top best free email hosting services for your own domain

Of cource gmail is the nice free mail provider. the commercial enterprise improve of gmail will haven’t any advertisements and a couple of times greater storage than regular gmail account or google apps without cost. however the cost is better than other offerings but it is worth it. it’ll fee $5/month/user


  • Best Anti Spam filter
  • No ads
  • Multi-level Administrator
  • A lot more than just email. (Whole bunch of apps like sites, Calendar, Google Drive)
  • 30GB Email storage