The Technology – pros and cons of it


The Technology – Good and Bad

We live in a world where technology is vastly dominating the global society. With rapid urbanization and advancement in technology it surely makes life better for people. Every day our life is interconnected and depended on technology in one way or another. But most of the time something good comes with something bad. Technology is not confined to any one sector or industries.

It is used by everyone in the present world according to their need and uses technology can be determined whether it has positive effects or negative effects.
The good and positive thing about technology on our lives are vast, it makes our life better, it is easy to communicate to people living miles away from us easily as before it was not the case as it was very difficult connecting with people. With the help of internet, we are able to discover a lot of different things, take up online courses and have access to so much information that was not accessible ever before.

The development of social media helping people to socialize and make network, We have a rapid growth in the field of machinery, reducing the task of lot of employees to just one machine which does the work in better and efficient way,
In India, there are many universities like IITs, producing innovative designs in the field of engineering like an E-scooter easily charged by electricity can travel up to 50,000 km with battery pack, alcohol sensing helmet, cheaper drones for Indian army which they use in their rescue missions, etc.

These are some of the innovation by IIT of India getting a global recognition students can join the RNB Global University. Then we have Manipal university one of the finest institutions for the students to help them be creative and come up with innovative ideas like a green billboard which can purify the air. This innovation can really improve the condition of people as it makes their life simple to join University like Manipal student can apply to their upcoming Entrance Exam MU OET 2018.

On the other hand, we have these innovations which have been making our lives better. We also have technological advancement used for making peoples life difficult. When Alfred Nobel invented a dynamite it was to make it easier for workers to carry out mining activities but it was misused to make bombs and caused massive destruction to people in the time of war, our personal details are put up an online database and anyone can hack and misuse our personal data. The machine is used for various jobs and makes the production of things and getting jobs done faster and easier but again the people who are skilled in a particular skill set are being replaced by robots and machines which is taking away employment crucial for earning a livelihood for people.

This will be a continually growing disadvantage of technology and issue that will exist and have a global impact. The young children are not equipped well enough to handle the exposure technology has on them getting addicted to online games and social media growing impatient. In conclusion, whenever the technology solves a problem, it gives rise to another problem which makes it hard for to draw the line between when technology serves us and when it becomes a problem for us and would it be a boon or bring doomsday near to mankind only time can tell.