Top best Survey remover and survey bypasser tools to bypass any survey


Here are the top 5 best survey bypasser or survey remover tools which are available on internet to download any file without survey

Are you tired of doing surveys, most of the files on the internet are locked with surveys. In order to download the file you need to complete full survey, after completion of survey, there is no scope you will get the download link to download the file. most of the site admins lock there download links with surveys to earn their income when you complete a survey

survey bypasser and survey remover

Online surveys are so annoying as they as all our information like Email and phone number and after completion of these surveys you may also get unnecessary calls which you filled in survey and may get many spam mails so many persons after seeing surveys closes the download links. surveys are very irritating to complete as they don’t stop asking questions in short so in this post, you can know some of the best survey bypasser tools or survey remover tools which would remove surveys and unlock download links

Why do webmasters place surveys?

These online surveys are the source to make money for the webmasters. The website that displays these surveys is paid for successfully completing each survey and are integrated with the site.  So they make it mandatory for you to complete the form to unlock the requested file.

But, most of the websites do not even let you access the file you to complete. Else you will not be allowed to download the File required. After filling out the form, the survey organizer earns some money fast with it & is directed toward downloading the wrong file. It is true. Websites where you will find this type of surveys does not allow you to download the correct file. Instead, they cheat you with several questions and provide you with a wrong or broken link


Best survey bypasser or survey remover tools to bypass online survey

1. Survey bypasser online

survey bypasser is the best tools to remove survey online a simple and easy-to-use tool. You can remove survey sites by simply entering the site URL there. Along with you can select your options after entering the URL such as, url encryption, page encryption, deletion of scripts, allowing cookies and allowing objects. You can also share and submit additional survey websites to help them identify and request them to block it.

2.Survey Smasher

SurveySmasher is a survey bypasser tool which helps you bypass surveys online 2018. You can upload files into Mediafire, with unlimited downloads, and an interface which is very friendly to the user. This website follows a process of converting all links in a single click without any hassles for registration.

3.Sharecash Survey Killer

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sharecash survey remover or survey bypasser is a software available for windows is like an internet download manager which bypasses the survey and directly downloads the files. it was organized by sharecash

4.Survey remover tool

This is an online survey remover software that allows you to bypass or eliminate any survey online very easily. With the survey remover tool, you can visit any website and download files without finishing any survey. This is free software and you can block any survey site.

Survey bypasser and survey remover extensions for chrome and firefox

1.Xjz Survey remover  (chrome extension)

To make it easier to bypass the online survey. You can install the extension for Google Chrome. This extension allows you to automatically block survey irritant websites automatically when detected. Blocks all types of survey sites even if they visit through Facebook.

2.Redirect Bypasser

Redirect Bypasser
Redirect Bypasser
Developer: Moises Lima
Price: Free

Redirect Bypasser is one of the best survey bypass download tools of 2015-2016 that detects survey websites and blocks them and redirects them to the targeted page easily. If you are using the Firefox browser then you can install this add-on to avoid encountering survey sites.