How to use setcpu for increasing speed of android device full ultimate guide



Setcpu for root users:-

SetCPU for Root Users allows you to manage the CPU frequency settings of your Android device. It works with most commercial Android devices that have root access enabled for applications. Combined with custom profiles, SetCPU can help you manage your CPU settings to optimize performance and battery life. On many phones, oftentimes with the help of custom kernels, SetCPU can also manage overclocking on your device. SetCPU is currently available on the Android Market and the SlideME Market.
SetCPU works on most devices running Android 1.5 to Android 2.2, with Android 1.6 and above recommended. If you have an HTC device, you may need to disable perflock (see 10) depending on your kernel.
The CPU drains more power if it is running at a higher frequency. If the processor is running faster, the phone will be faster and more responsive, but the battery may drain more quickly. If the processor is running more slowly, the phone will be less responsive and take longer to complete tasks, but battery life will be increased. With SetCPU, you can set up profiles to manage the CPU speed based on certain conditions.
2. Main Tab and Basic Usage
To get started with SetCPU, start the app, read the introduction, and pick “autodetect frequencies.” If you ever need to access this screen again, press the Menu button in SetCPU’s Main tab, then choose Device Selection.
If your kernel doesn’t support autodetect, you won’t see it choose the device that best matches your phone from the list. After you’ve passed the introduction screen, you may get a request from Superuser Permissions. Depending on your version of Superuser Permissions, either check the box for “remember” and press “allow” or press the “always allow” button.
The sliders here allow you to manually control the CPU scaling bounds. The CPU frequency will always be between these two values. By default, the CPU should scale between the max and min frequencies based on need. The sliders also control the “main” profile as explained later.

Why to overclock using setcpu:-
The speed of your Android device is solely dependent on the processor of the device. Now every processor is set at a certain speed at which it processes the data. The more the clock speed, the more faster the processor operates, and hence faster the device. Overclocking means that you increase the clock speed of the processor over the limit it is set to operate. Now when you do so, it is certain that your device will function faster.
But the overclocking should be done with great care, and tactic, as if you do not follow the procedure properly, you might ending up bricking or even permanently damaging your phone’s processor. Now if you overclock the device too much, it might give heating issues, and it might even damage the hardware of the phone, or the processor specifically. Or if you down clock the device too much, it might not even boot up. So overclocking must be proceeded with care. Also in this tutorial we will be overclocking your device using SetCPU app. Follow the procedure below, to Overclock your device using setcpu. Also if you are looking to do some more android tweaks, get them here.
Before we begin the process to overclock your android smartphone using setcpu, first of all let us go through some things that need to be done before we start with the procedure.
Make sure the device is atxleast 70% charge as we do not want that the device to shut down in the middle of procedure.
To overclock and use SetCPU you need to have root access, i.e., your android device needs to be rooted. SO if you haven’t rooted yet, first go root it, and then come back.
Also overclocking your device, can be harmf for the device, so make a complete backup o the device before proceeding.
If you do not know how to backup your device, you can follow the guides below.
Backup and restore Contacts
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Backup and Restore SMS
How to use setcpu for overclocing processor:-
So follow these steps to over clock your phone using the Set CPU.
First of all, after downloading the file from t download section above, install it on your device.
Now, that you have finished the installation procedure, you need to launch the app.
Click on “Auto Detect Speeds” option.
Then grant the phone will ask you to grant t root access to the Set CPU app, confirm the root access.
Now you need to set the maximum and the minimum limits of the clock speed for your processor
You have to note that these speed limits should be balanced, i.e., not too high or too low. As it may cause your phone to behave abruptly. If it is too low, the phone may stop response, and if it is too high it may overhea and even the processor might get permanently damaged. So it should be done carefully.

Also do not select the option “Bott on SET”, ti you think the speed limits are stable.
Now when you are satisfied with the speeds, you need to choose the times when you wan the Set CPU to start and over clock your phone, like while on user space, or on demand.
So this was a short guide, on how to use SET CPU to over clock your processor. Also if in case, the phone gets into trouble, you need to reboot into the recovery mode, and then flash the backup you made via the recovery. You would get the phone recovered to the period, backup was made. Also if you face any more issues, you can always contact us via the comment section below.

Note:- setcpu is paid app available on playstore. This app as licence verification because it works only if you download from playstore. So u have modified this application and removed licence verification so you can download it from belowbelow

After clicking on download tab you will see continue to linkshrink so click cancel wait 5 sec and then click on continue tab you will redirect to downliad link

Downloa license removed apk 
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