How to get rid of Facebook ads on android using hosts file

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how to get rid of Facebook ads on android using following methods

facebook is an American multi national profit company, Facebook is an online social networking service launched on Feb 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg & Harvard College. Facebook earns income by displaying advertisements on their site, these advertisements may be direct banner images etc..

you can remove facebook ads chrome and are many extensions for chrome, firefox opera to block ads on PC and for Android, there are many apps to block ads on Facebook, not only in Facebook but block ads over all android

The facebook ads work like when we click like on any products or any app, Facebook can then use that information and your name and profile picture, to display targeted social ads on your friends’ pages. Using personal information from your profile to target an audience raises privacy issues. Third-party advertisers can also use Facebook to promote their products by posting auto-generated advertisements, but they cannot access personal profile information.

How to Get rid of Facebook ads on android using hosts file

Hosts file is an operating system file that maps hostnames to IP addresses. It is a plain text file. Originally a file named HOSTS.TXT was manually maintained and made available via file sharing by Stanford Research Institute for the ARPANET membership, containing the hostnames and address of hosts as contributed for inclusion by member organizations

By using this method we can get rid of Facebook ads on android, stop ads on facebook app, stop Facebook ads from popping up, stop ads on facebook videos without any android app but for this method we need root access

  • Now copy whole document and make an text file
  • On your Android, open the file manager in your device and copy the hosts file to /etc or /system/etc. folder
  • To do this function your device need root access and allow super user permission to file manager app
  • After copying and file reboot your device to save changes

How to Get rid of Facebook ads on android using ad blockers

how to get rid of Facebook ads on android using ad blocker apps