How to earn money online by vivatic

Vivatic the best way to earn money online. Earn 900 INR in a day by just complaining surveys ( Proof added)

How to make 900INR in a day by just complaining surveys and referring friends to vivatic

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Full guide for working on vivatic

Vivatic is one of the many companies that offer a little extra to the holiday fund via online surveys. The appeal of online surveys for cash is huge – especially to stay at home mum and dads who see it as an easy way to top up the pennies whenever there’s a spare 10 or 20 minutes.

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I’m going to review Vivatic and see if they really are a viable source of income for stay at home mum and dads.
The Vivatic website looks really inviting, and there seems to be a few different ways to use Vivatic to earn money, so not just a survey from first impressions. So let’s jump in and see what it’s all about.

After a quick signup process to join Vivatic I’m ready to make some cash! There are different country sites for Vivatic and they are: the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.
There are 8 tabbed links at the top of the screen that need investigating:

Take a survey

Join a panel



Writing jobs


Get paid to search 

Refer friend


I’m a keen writer (plus I noticed they are paying uJobs
 £10 for approved articles) so I click the writing jobs link first. I soon notice that I can’t do the writing jobs – I’m not approved yet! To get approved I must first “quality” by completing 50 micro jobs first!

So 50 micro jobs before I can apply for the “proper jobs” – Fair enough you might think!
Vivatic Micro Jobs
For each task I was given a search term to use and a website to lookout for in the top 100 search results. I spent far too much time 15 mins, searching the first 10 pages of looking for websites that were not there for the 3 x £0.04 tasks that’s less than £0.60 an hour even if I was able to complete and get paid – which I wasn’t.
So I opted to cut my losses and went for a £0.40 task. Again I was off searching for a website that didn’t show in the SERP’s. By this time I was rather peeved and had wasted too much time.

I totally agree with the Vivatic statement that these micro jobs should take seconds, but the reality of what I experienced is far from that.
So micro jobs were an epic fail and without 50 I’ve no chance of the £10 an article gig that looked so appealing.

But I must join panels on these other survey sites before I can take a survey… I feel a little uneasy about having to join more sites as I thought Vivatic was a total solution in a box. Well, I must signup to get to the surveys so I join a few panels 12 out of the 16 on offer.
Take A Survey Earn Some Cash

I jump into my first survey from one of the panels I joined called opinions survey – I started the survey and 8 minutes later when the survey showed 33% complete I was told that “the customer is looking for a certain type of person” . I put it down to bad luck as I’m redirected to another survey.
Gratispoints was where I ended up and yet again – at 12% complete I was again told that I wasn’t right for the survey.

 Time to check out the Polls and Competitions.

Polls and Competitions:-

I was hoping for more chances to earn and my heart sank faster than a horseshoe in a bucket of water.
Polls – You are able to enter 1 poll a day and I was asked how often I upgrade my mobile phone.

Competitions – There are three different competitions you can enter. A £5 daily competition a weekly £25 one and a monthly competition for £100.
So do you want to enter?
To enter the daily comp you need to take the daily poll and take 1 survey
The weekly competition takes five polls and 5 surveys to enter
To enter the monthly competition need you to complete 15 surveys and take 15 polls.
I guess I won’t be entering too many competitions then! Trying to complete a surveys has left me …moody! Ok so far Vivatic surveys has been an epic ail, but I still had 3 tabs to investigate.

Vivatic Offers:-

The offers consisted of joining another survey panel for £1.50 to signing up for deals and a chance to win vouchers. I clicked on the top deal offer “win an ipad 2” plus £0.60p into the kitty.
Whoops as I clicked my antivirus alarm sounded and it shutdown the site – I didn’t click any more. Just
paid to surf and refer a friend left.

Paid To Search:-

a). Complete at least 50 searches a month
b). Get paid £1.50 at the end of each month for each month you use the service
OMG I get paid a cap of £1.50 per month for using the “paid to search page”. Yep, it’s an actual page not even a search bar extension.
Refer a Friend
The last resort is getting friends to take a peek at Vivatic, but will I be recommending Vivatic to my friends? Based on my own experiences…no way! Oh and just in case you were wondering how referring a friend can get you in the money…
“Recommend Vivatic to your friends and earn £2 for every friend who signs up and earns £25”

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