Download WifiKill for PC to kill or disable wifi connections to other users


Kill WiFi connections of other WiFi devices with wifikill for PC

WiFikill for PC is a software designed by NutCut softwares which helps us to kill WiFi connection of other wifi devices to disable internet. This software is available for almost all windows operating systems. This software is also available for android but I tried on my laptops if worked awesome so posted this article, I will post another article on WiFikill for android

wifikill for pc

WiFiKill for PC is mostly used in public wifi connections such as free wifi zones, educations institutes, government places etc… Because of more number of users, the bandwidth equally divided to all persons connected to the same network so the speed of internet connection would be reduced more so to overcome this types of problems wifikill for pc is used. This wifikill free software enables users to kill the wifi connections connected to that network so the victim cant able to use internet or cant able to communicate with others connected to that network


This application and the information in the post is for educations purpose only we are not responsible for anything

WiFiKill supports all versions of Windows operating systems like XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 etc.. so this software the best WiFikill for PC that makes you kill will of other devices. This wifikill for laptops, and desktops etc.

WiFikill for PC not only used to kill the connections of the devices but also provide security for our devices that connections to network being killed by others so if we have the wifikill software installed then we can protect us from others we are trying to remove connection to the network

Features of WiFiKill For PC

  • Get 100% complete information regarding how many people connected to the wifi network
  • wifikill software gives full information about the devices connected to the network such as IP address, MAC address
  • Simple user interface helps you to handle the software easily
  • With WiFikill software we can able to kill the specific device that connected to the network
  • With the help of WiFikill software, we can test the speed of internet connection
  • very easy to handle and doesn’t require any technical skills to operate

Requirements to use WiFiKill for PC

This software only supports only windows versions as I mentioned above and if you are using Linux or Mac then this software isn’t used for you

  • The windows PC with WiFiKill for PC software installed download from below

Download WiFiKill for PC

The computer or laptop should be connected to WiFi network in able to kill the other users

  • Victim must be connected to the same network that you have connected

Way to kill other wifi connection using WiFiKill for PC

  • Download wifikill software from the above link and open the EXE file

wifikill for pc

  • Install the software by clicking next button and after completion of installation you may need to restart the computer
  • After restarting the computer open the software by running as administrator
  • Select the IP address or the device which you need to kill as shown below

wifikill for pc 3

  • After selecting the IP address or device need to be killed out of the network click on cut off button to kill the network
  • The process starts and the device will successfully disconnected from the network

By this way you can kill the connection of other wifi devices connected to the network and this if you face any problem let me know in comment section