convert wordpress blog or website to powerfull mobile app without coding skills


convert wordpress to mobile app with simple tips without any coading this android app will help you to increase your earnings and engage more readers to your blog without going to browser by by simply touching an app

convert wordpress into app

Why to convert wordpress to mobile app

Web technologies, specifically the internet, have grow to be an essential part of the business global over the last few years. human beings have come to be acquainted with looking the net for statistics, sending e-mails, or making simple purchases electronically.

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web browsers, such as microsoft’s internet explorer, or netscape’s navigator, performed an critical element inside the speedy web development of the net. designed to offer a simple and easy-to-operate the front-end interface to the consumer, net browsers are these days’s fashionable manner of gaining access to the good sized amount of data to be had through the internet.

greater currently, with an increasing number of human beings being linked and the progressively increasing connection pace to the net, a new wave of extra sophisticated web programs emerged.

how to convert wordpress to native mobile app

There are over 50 plugins and to try this however maximum of instances no success. i found few plugin exact however as loose customers they wouldn’t can help you get entry to all of the capabilities. however fortunately one in every of my running a blog crew advised me to strive worona as they may be giving enough functions as free users and less expensive publishing service as well.

Plugin used to convert wordpress website to mobile app

Worona is a free, all-in-one platform that convert wordpress to mobile app and make their websites mobile-ready in a very easy steps.

Developing a internet site with a responsive design is not sufficient. turning in compelling mobile reviews is what makes a difference and preserve human beings engaged nowadays. that is where in worona enters the image, and our platform is made that will help you accomplish exactly this: deliver a standout cellular experience in your users throughout all devices.

Simple steps to convert wordpress to mobile app

  • Go to your wordpress dashboard and then to plugins section, search for worona plugin and activate itconvert wordpress to mobile app
  • After activating the plugin go to plugin and register on Worona website here from plugin area as shown below

convert wordpress to mobile app

  • Register on Worona and login there as shown below

convert wordpress to mobile app

  • Now add your website address title of your website and then go to next process. now worona will check for domain ownership by checking weather plugin activated on website with given site id if you are succeded you will get like this convert wordpress to mobile app
  • Now give app title, app theme, extensions etc… and generate app. after generating app you will get html, css and jscript files in .zip

Converting html, css and jscript files to .apk by Phonegap

PhoneGap is a software development framework by Adobe System, which is used to develop mobile applications. To develop apps using PhoneGap, the developer does not require to have knowledge of mobile programming language but only web-development languages like, HTML, CSS, and JScript.


  • visit Phonegap offical website and register by using adobe id

convert wordpress to mobile app

  • Upload your downloaded files .zip to the PhoneGap and wait some time to generate apk for android and download the apk

Here i made an android app for my website purly using worona plugin test the app and check the user interface DOWNLOAD TECHWEBSTER APK