We all live in an era where smartphones are life! They are everything. We start and end our day with a smartphone. Smartphones help you in various ways- reminders, alarm clocks, taking notes. You name it, you have it in your smartphone. Smartphones can be categorized and named under IOS and ANDROID. We all know iPhones vs SAMSUNG characteristics never end. But whatever be your choice or you are willing to choose you can always rely on Flipkart mobile offers to get the last minute discount or to check the latest deals running on web. Some of the cool things you can do with your smartphone are:

  1. Measure your health heart

We are aware of the apple watch which takes your steps in count, but it doesn’t give your health progress in detail. There is an app for you to know about your health status. AliveCor’s Kardia mobile heart monitor is a very small item and takes only a couple of seconds to record your EKG and know if your heartbeat is normal. You can Press your fingers against the touchpads, and the app which is for both android and ios, it will give you a picture of your heart rhythm. It is an app which is free of cost in the play store in Android and Appstore in IOS.

  1. Measure distance

Did you know that you can measure distance through your smartphone? Yes, and you have an app for it too. This app is called SIZEUP. If you don’t have a tape nearby, grab your phone and install this app. All you have to do mention the initial point and the final point and the way you want your distance, i.e. in a straight line or a curve line.

  1. Remote control batteries

If you are in a hurry and really wanted to check if your remote control batteries have died on you, you can grab your smartphone and then open the camera app in it. Then point the remote control to our smartphone and press any random button. When a red or pink light is visible on the tip of the remote as you look through the display of your phone, then it shows that infrared signal are fine and the problem is that you need new batteries. You can control either AC remote or a TV remote through this cool trick.

  1. DIY Microscope

This experiment with your phone helps to zoom in on objects and you can get a microscopic view when you click pictures. For your phone to act as a microscope, all you need is, pour a drop of clean water on the camera lens and you can turn your camera into a DIY microscope. By doing this, the lens can act as a magnifying element thus helping it to focus under half an inch. Thus, getting the much-required microscopic view of the object.


  1. Light up your room

Are you bored of your normal boring lights? Bring some color into your life by using this cool app which is synced to the lightbulb. Cree’s Connected LED Lightbulb helps function through an app in your smartphone. The coolest thing is you can set the time your light will be turned on. This LED lightbulb helps you by providing you the characteristics of the lightbulb, you can turn it on and off without having the need to stand up. This is a great way of save electricity and power.