Use HDD or Hard disk as virtual ram in windows


Use HDD or Hard disk as virtual ram or ram disk in windows

* Random access mrmory form of pc statistics storage which stores regularly used software instructions to growth the overall speed of a device.ram in computer get entry to memory device permits records items to be read or written in almost the identical amount of time no matter the bodily place of facts inside the reminiscence. in evaluation, with other direct-get admission to statistics garage media which includes hard disks, cd-rws, dvd-rws and the older drum memory, the time required to study and write statistics gadgets varies appreciably depending on their physical locations on the recording medium, because of mechanical obstacles together with media rotation speeds and arm motion
* In ultra-modern technology, random access memoryget admission to reminiscence takes the form of integrated circuits. ram is typically associated with risky varieties of reminiscence (which include dram reminiscence modules), where stored statistics is misplaced if energy is eliminated, even though non-risky ram has additionally been developed. different styles of non-risky memories exist that permit random access for examine operations, but either do not permit write operations or have other kinds of boundaries on them. those encompass maximum styles of rom and a kind of flash memory called nor-flash
Why RAM is important?
* Ram is largely the core of your computer. it is able to be considered just as important as your processor, or hard power. with the proper amount of ram for your laptop the performance of your laptop and the capacity to aid various kinds of software program is optimized.

The overall performance of your pc or laptop is determined by way of how well your cpu and ram paintings collectively. lower the ram makes slows your lapton or pc. the greater ram your cpu has get entry to to, the easier its activity turns into, which enables a faster pc. in case you do no longer have a sufficient quantity of ram than your cpu has to work tons, tons tougher to transfer information, which severally damages the laptop’s overall performance.
What is virtual memory?
Virtual memory is a memory management functionality of an os that uses hardware and software to allow a laptop to catch up on bodily memory shortages by means of quickly shifting facts from random get admission to reminiscence (ram) to disk garage. virtual deal with area is multiplied the usage of lively memory in ram and inactive memory in hard disk drives (hdds) to form contiguous addresses that preserve both the utility and its statistics.

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Using HDD or hard disk as virtual memory in windows pc
  • We can use HDD as ram disk or virtual ram by using a simple trick 
  • we can also use external usb card such as pendrive as virtual ram but when we remove the external usb may chances of getting errors in pc 
  • So i using HDD as ram as i will not be removed 
  • So to use hdd virtual ram is better thank usb external drive
  • To setup virtual ram first point your mouse to my computer, right click on it and select proporties as shown below
  • after clicking on proporties go to ” Advanced system settings ” as shown below
  • After then a new tab appears point your mouse to advanced and search for performace.
  • Ahis is the main panel where you system performace can be modified
  • After seeing performace click on settings as shown 
  • After clicking on settings you can see a new tab appears now again click on advanced. There you can see virtual memory. You can increase or decrease virtual memory here. click on change 
  • Now untick ” Automatically manage paging file size for drives ” select the drive to use as virtual memory, click on custom size and set initial and maximum sizes. i recommended to set value as recommended size given there. in my pc it shown 2289 MB as i set initial and maximum size as 2289 MB.
  • After setting the values click on set and then ok and restart your pc to apply changes
* Now you may experience the the speed of your computer or laptop HDD as virtual memory or ram so if you have any problems reqarding your pc comment here