Tips for buying Best Smart Watch for Kids 2018


Smartwatch or not particularly meant for adults. In fact, they have an enormous role play in the life of a child. The modern Parents wish to encourage their children to remain Agile Through the fitness tracker features of the smartwatches. Since childhood obesity is becoming a much common problem amongst children, the amazing health features of the smartwatches can help to control things in a much better way. Moreover, the presence of GPS and connectivity options further let your kid stay in touch with you.

The company like LG, VTech, Filip is the best makers of the smartwatch for kids. But still, there are many features you need to take care while buying the smartwatch for kids. So we have done some wholesome research before deciding on to buy a particular model.

Let’s have a quick look to the important consideration that a Smartwatch should have –

  • Resistance – kids are very careless towards their gadgets. Hence, a sophisticated Smartwatch is not going to last for long. Go for a rugged Smartwatch that offers dust resistance, water proofing and offers resistance towards intense heat.
  • Comfort -Don’t annoy your kids by trapping them in an uncomfortable strap. Make sure that the watch is less bulky and more comfortable.
  • Battery life -apart from all the sophisticated features, battery backup is quite essential when you buy a smart watch for your kid. Definitely kids won’t charge the watchregularly. Hence, to avoid quick discharge of the gadget, go for something that has powered battery backup.
  • Charging-instead of going for a watch that requires cable Plugins to get charged, go for the latest designs of smart watches that are charged through wireless chargers.

Which is the best Smartwatch for my kid?

The relatively new Smartwatch Technology can appear to be dilemmatic for the parents. Instead of going for a smart watch that is branded or pricy, go for something that is more featured. Smart watch that has a rational monitor size, fitness tracking features and operating system compatibility is definitely going to work better for your child.

Paring is really important

Smart watch selected for your kids should essentially feature smartphone connectivity. Either it should establish a stable connection through a Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth connection. You can alternatively go for smart watches that come with built-in cellular data connection.

Customization of the Smartwatch

The smart watch that gets customized according to the user requirement is the best pic. Apart from considering brand, color, material and features, one of the most important specifications is the way it follows your instruction. Motorola 360 and apple watch particularly come with such extensive features.

Design: Kids of our generation are really smart. They don’t settle for anything that looks traditional or non-happening. Hence, more than anything else you are watch should look good with a smart dial.

Notification system: The Smartwatch should convey all the important notification right on your wrist on its dial. The customization options offered by Samsung gear 3 is indeed mesmerizing

Fitness features: By providing your kid with a smart gadget, you can always have track upon the health condition of your child. The reliable fitness features let you find out whether your kid is regular for running, biking and walking or not. Moreover the GPS feature let you know the distance and pace of your child. Garmin forerunner 235 and Fitbit are some of the best suggestions in fitness tracking genre.

We hope this article will help you to find the best smartwatch for your kids, and if you have any query then do let us know in the comment section below.