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what is a VPS

VPS is also called VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER is a virtual machine sold to a customer or client sold by a hosting provider.

VPS hosting provides superuser level to the user so they can install and run any type of software on their OS such as windows, Linux. VPS hosting costs much lower than a physical hosting computer. the VPS works the same way as dedicated server works but costs of VPS is less and affordable.


Many VPS hosting provider companies provide virtual private server as one of the web hosts for their hosting services. there are many companies offers paid VPS, as well as free VPS hosting windows but paid, is always recommended because paid hosting offers full customer support, technical support, security etc…

coming  to free VPS hosting providers they didn’t offer customer support, displaying ads on their websites, the website may downtime any time, may close the website anytime without informing you

Why we need VPS?

Any startup website thing to start at shared hosting because shared hosting is cheap but main disadvantage os shared hosting is if may get the high amount of web traffic CPU load increases and results in getting slow down the website. If we use many plugins or high weight themes in WordPress also slow down in website performance, increasing loading speed, internal server error and resources limit reached.

The main reason for moving shared to Linux or windows VPS hosting is it can manage the huge amount of traffic. with one VPS server hosting, we may host multiple websites without any increase in CPU load


Here some free VPS hosting windows & Linux 100% working & No credit card required


  • HP Cloud is one of the best free VPS hosting provider
  • HP CLOUD provides 100$ for signup bonus
  • Free VPS hosting trail ends in 90 days
  • provides windows and Linux hosting


  • provides web disk space up to 5Gb
  • Ram: 384 Mb
  • Valid: 1 year

3. AWS Free Usage Tier

  • provides web disk space up to 5GB
  • RAM: 613MB
  • Burst: 613MB
  • Valid: 1 YEAR

4. Openhosting

  • the good thing of open hosting is it has a good processor speed 4GHz
  • 4.0 GB RAM
  • 50 GB SSD
  • Valid: 5 days

5. RSA Web

  • 2GB RAM
  • 1vCPU
  • 50GB Storage
  • 1GB Traffic
  • Windows or Linux OS
  • Valid: 7 days

Here are the some best VPS hosting provider for testing VPS servers. if any VPS hosting not work for you then feel free to comment below