Breaking the stereotype – Latest technology in education


Breaking the stereotype – Latest technology in education

Technology trends in education are marking its importance in the development of the country. Students are exposed to a new way of gaining knowledge but in their own comfort zone. Latest technology trends in education are breaking the traditions of classroom confined education.
A recent study on the engineering educational system says that Indian students are not able to think high due to a poor quality of higher education that is resulting in poor academic growth.
The education system in India is often constrained to book knowledge and not the practicality. Hence most of the graduate students are unable to apply the knowledge practically. The latest technology trends in education are trying to understand this issue in a better way and are implementing ideas that are changing the perspective of society and culture. The approach and philosophy of this trend is the execution. Education serves society and hence society should serve a quality education.

Digital learning:

Digital learning is getting noticed in many sectors of education. It is a blend of virtual learning and practicality and is enabling every individual to consume the content based on their preferences, as it is portrayed through flexible, non-restrictive platforms. It is helping students to grasp the concepts in an effective way and applying the concepts practically in the world which in turn increases the products effectively. The effect of it is radiating through the change of perspective towards education and learning.
Presently a few engineering colleges in Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka etc, are trying to adopt a few cutting-edge technologies to enhance the educational sector. This platform is allowing students to reinvent their own way of learning.
Few factors which are leading the growth of Digital learning:

● Digital learning is providing an opportunity to build one’s personalized learning in the most adaptive environment.
● Higher education is often subjected to lack of individual attention by the faculty and the lack of understanding by students. This scenario is being encountered as it provides various interesting ways of teaching and learning.
● Hence, most of the top engineering colleges, business and management institutions, School of architecture and a few other educational institutions are adopting the latest trend of teaching and learning in their curriculum.
● Open educational resources are widely used as a distance learning platform.
● Freely accessible study content, videos, software learning etc are equipping an individual with more options of learning based on their preferences.
Exploring an interesting way to gain knowledge:

● Digital learning is providing n number of ways to enhance teaching and learning.
● The present education system is confined to book knowledge and there is a lack of practical exposure.
● Digital learning is becoming a platform for inventing innovative ideas of learning and teaching such as mobile-based learning, video learning, interaction with an expert etc.
● This interaction also helps in tracking their progress and to individually explore their areas of improvement which in a way leads to self-learning and development.
Breaking the stereotype classroom schedule to a more interactive session:

● Each individual will have different academic potential, strengths and weaknesses, aptitude, a pace of learning etc. All these issues can be checked through digital learning.
● Providing a more relaxed environment for learners without constraining to white board or screens.
● One can learn the subject with their own preferences and the classroom can turn into a more interactive sessions which can help students to store the knowledge as well.
● Looking into all these perspectives many schools, top colleges are including this technology in their curriculum. One can even find this content in B.arch/B. planning,, MBA, BE, Btech course details and many more.