Best windows xp lancher for android 1.6mb only {makes your android same as win xp}


hey gays this is kamal and today im going to show you how to run windows xp on android as well as for android table without downloading any data (.img files)

the android device looks like this after instaling this app. this app completely change the UI . i have tried on my lyf flame 7 and working properly without any bugs

windows for android table

Gays for this you need to download an app called xpmod {Download apk}

steps to run this lancher

* first of all download this app call xpmod from here

* install this app and then make it as default 

features of this app

* You can run my computer as like your windows pc

* No need to download bochs to run windows xp on android and tablet

* No need to download any .img files to run 

* No lages to run. it runs smootly when compared to windows elimunators

* The best thing in this app is it is only 1.2mb


download apk{XP mod }