Best working Kickass Proxy and KAT unblocked Mirror Sites list


KickAss torrent and Proxy Sites:

Kickass also knows as KAT is a type of torrent site that provides torrent files and magnetic links to users to download files using BitTorrent and utorrent protocol. Many kickass sites become very popular as they provide all data, files and also privacy contents from many government agencies for free. Because of all this cracking and publishing, privacy content on these sites many ISP (internet service provider) is blocking these sites to get out of access. So users cant able to get or access the websites

kickass proxy

 What is KickAss Proxy:

Proxy is a site that created to a serve as replace of the original site. In another way, the proxy is same as like someone who usually takes your position and does the same work in the absence of you. similarly, there are many kickass proxy sites available on the internet that makes you download files without as these kickass proxy sites are not blocked by your ISP.ISP or government has blocked the access to a particular site, you can access them using another server to access the website for you.


Some of the web developers, webmasters who are most passionate about KAT sites developed kickass proxy or KAT sites that were identical to the official one. You can discover any torrent files on these kickass proxy sites and download torrents, take a look at the number of seeders and leechers, even post a comment just like before

Best Kickass Proxy and Mirror Sites updated 2018:

The official website Kickass or KAT owner was arrested by the cops and the website was shutoff. But many of the fans, web developers, webmasters made many mirror sites or kickass proxy sites where other people can download torrent files easily as these sites are isn’t blocked by your ISP. most of the sites may be inactive or fake and these sites also contain malware can be harmful to your computer or your smartphones when you download any file. Here are some best sites that can be accessed without connecting to any proxy server as these sites act as proxy server

Sl No.Name of the sitessite speedStatus
1.kickass.cmVery FastWorking
2.kickass.cdVery FastWorking
3.Sitenable.chVery FastWorking
6.kickasstorrents.videoVery FastDown
7.kickass.cdVery FastWorking
8.kickass-cd.pbproxy.redVery FastOnline
9.Filesdownloader.comVery FastOnline
10.Sitenable.topVery FastOnline
12.kickass.unblockme.euVery FastNot Working
13.kickass.immunicity.cabVery FastWorking
14.Siteget.netVery FastWorking
15.Freeproxy.ioVery FastWorking
16.Sitenable.coVery FastWorking
19.kickasstorrents.toNormalNot Working
21.katcr.toVery FastBlocked
24.Kat.coVery FastWorking
25.kickass.unblocked.provery FastWorking
28. fastWorking


In order to download any file from kickass proxy sites you must have a BitTorrent or any similar protocol software Most of the kickass proxy sites are very dangerous as these sites are illegal  For such times, you can always try using other popular torrent search engines like The Pirate Bay,, Demonoid, and Extratorrent. If you want to use these sites the always connect to VPN or virtual private network. there are many VPN apps available for Android and in PC