Airtel free 2gb 3g internet trick by tweaking imei


Airtel free 2g internet trick for months by tweaking your imei 

So today I’m posting an excellent trick to get 2gb free data with 2month’s valadity.
*a mediatek device
* imei number
Note:- changing imei is illigel so this post is for only education purpose,so im not openly sharing this imei i have provided a link do you can download imei number in .txt formate

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*download engineering mode app from playstore or from here { Download app }

*open the app and then click on engineering mode and then engineering mtk 

 *now click on cds information

*now click on radio information

*then select phone1 or phone 2. Download imei {Imei.txt}  If you want to change the imei of phone 1 then type AT +EGRM=1,7,”NEW IMEI”. for phone 2 AT +EGRM=1,10″ NEW IMEI” . in place of new imei insert downloaded imei and make sure there is a gap b/w AT & + and click on send AT command. Now restart your device

*after changing imei go to now activate this offer. After activating you will credit with 2gb 3g data with 2months valadity

See Proof:-

If you face any problem feel free to comment below